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The most comfortable training pants for your child 👼

Looking to start on training your toddler with regards to using the loo? Start right here. Our eco-friendly baby underwear is made with cotton material, making it soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. You won't ever hear your child complaining about taking it off (you might even have a hard one once it's time to do so!)

Just like an ordinary underwear, but better. 

The underwear is made up of six layers of clothing and is waterproof, which protects your child from any fluid accident. We know accidents like this happen all the time, and as promised, we're here to help you prevent them.

Whether it's your first-time use or not, we got you covered.

Still having qualms about using our eco-friendly underwear? Don't worry, there's no looong user manual that needs to be read and followed. Just read through these three simple notes, and you're good to start with your eco-friendly parenting process!

1. The underwear can be used on its own without your child wearing a nappy.
2. Monitor your child's use of the underwear and change it in time.
3. You can add inserts at night for extra absorbency!

Product Size & Material

When choosing the perfect size for your little one, we highly recommend weighing them first and basing the sizing on these measurements below:

Small: 3-10 kgs (10-20 mL)

Medium: 11-18 kgs (15-30 mL)

Large: 17-25 kgs (30-40 mL)

The absorbency level of the nappies also depends on their size and it is indicated beside the recommended weight for the sizing.

Materials/Fabric Used

Inner Layer: Cotton Fabric Cover

Middle Layer: 3 Layers of Thick Gauze & High-Quality Absorbent Cotton

Outer Layer: TPU Waterproof Layer

Our Technology

Made from premium fabrics and a waterproof outer layer, our training nappies promise nothing but a pleasant experience for your toddlers during their training concerning the loo.

In total, the six layers of eco-friendly materials are designed to be comfortable for the skin, have maximum levels of absorbency and protection, and have a leakproof outer layer that comes with exciting designs.

Below are the technology infused in your favourite
Rudie Baby Training Nappies:

The Inner Layer

The inner layer is made from quality organic cotton that is undyed and unbleached, which makes it safer to be in contact with your child’s delicate skin. Cotton fabrics allow the inner layer to remain breathable and comfortable for your child’s skin. It prevents skin rashes and protects against pollen, dust mites, and other allergens.

The Middle Layers

These “absorbency” layers are made from a sheet of high-quality absorbent cotton and three layers of thick gauze. These layers of fabrics are the training nappies’ key players for the best level of absorption that meets Rudie Baby’s standards.

The Outer Layer

Made from TPU Waterproof fabric, the outermost layer safeguards your child’s skin and clothes from any fluid. Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) fabrics are free from harmful solvents and chemicals. It’s toxin-free and environment-friendly to ensure your child is safe and protected. This outer layer also allows fashionable prints and designs that suit your toddler well.

How to use

Here are a few tips we recommend that you follow once you receive your first Rudie Baby training nappies:

1. We suggest washing your nappies first to remove any residues. The training nappies are made from natural fibers and they get more absorbent as they get more washes. This would help build up the nappy's absorption level to its maximum capacity.

2. Before drying, we suggest stretching out the nappy as the natural fibers are vulnerable to shrinkage. Stretch the nappy first before letting it dry in the sun or the machine for it to remain in its best shape for a long time.

3. Direct sunlight drying is also highly recommended as it is a natural detergent and it eliminates unwanted bacteria from the nappies. If the sun is not around, tumble dry your nappy in low heat

!Inserts for Extra Protection

Inserts can come in handy for overnight use. Made from premium fabrics, inserts can be used together with our training nappies for additional protection and care. Remember, it pays to be a little extra.

Note: The inserts are recommended to be used on reusable nappies, as they have a space that allows for the option of placing inserts. STILL, do keep in mind that the inserts can also be used on training nappies, as you may simply put them on top of the gusset area to guarantee additional protection.

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Did you know that a baby will have to go through at least 5,000 disposable nappies before undergoing potty training?

According to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency, disposable nappies are responsible for 7% of non-durable household waste in landfills. Fortunately, we finally have something that can solve this problem.

The latest technology brings comfort and green together.

Made with eco-friendly materials of premium quality, Rudie Baby products are here to give your child the optimum care they deserve and help you achieve the most pleasant parenting experience.

Engineered with nano fibers, our reusable nappies provides the excellent protection that your child needs from any unwanted substances. Not to mention, they’re BPA-free, so you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemical coming your child’s way.


As an eco-friendly brand, our core value is to promote sustainable practices including using eco-friendly materials, minimising waste, and reducing carbon emissions.

Happiness first

Health and wellbeing of our mums and bubs is at the top of our list! We make it our mission to create designs that are not only safe and free from harmful chemicals, but also comfortable and convenient to use.


We believe that all parents should have access to high-quality, eco-friendly nappies, regardless of their budget or location and are committed to making their products affordable and widely available.

Our promise

Above all else, we want to stay ransparent and honest in everything we do. We believe in sharing information about our materials, manufacturing processes, and environmental impact with our like-minded community


Above all else, we want to stay ransparent and honest in everything we do. We believe in sharing information about our materials, manufacturing processes, and environmental impact with our like-minded community

Our 60-Day Risk-Free Trial

When it’s your first time making the switch, we understand that the process can be quite daunting. There are plenty of factors to consider (more so that it’s online purchase), and it might not even be the right product for your little one—we get it, it happens. Hence, we came up with a 60-Day Risk-Free Trial for our first-time customers, in which you try out one of our products to see if it suits you or not. Within 60 days after your order has been delivered, you are allowed to try one garment, and should you not like how it functions, we will happily refund the purchased product, excluding the shipping costs. No sweat!