How to Wash Reusable Nappies Like a Pro

How to Wash Reusable Nappies Like a Pro

How do you wash reusable nappies? It can be tricky to get it just right, but here’s our secret nappy wash and care guide that you can hold onto as you take an eco-friendly journey with your babies. With this step by step guide, all parents should be able to make their own laundry routine work like a charm!

1. The Solid Phase

Most parents do a nappy wash every 2-3 days, but it generally depends on how many nappies you have or whatever routine suits you. While you store used/dirty nappies, dry-pailing is your best option. Soaking nappies is unnecessary and would only make them wear out faster. 

The next phase in cleaning your babies’ reusable diapers is removing the solids. Hint: it’s poop! The most important part is to do so thoughtfully. For newbie parents, remember: it’s just a phase! It’s a phase you have to go through a thousand times.

2. The Pre-wash Cycle

A pre-wash cycle with detergent in 40-60 °C water (as we recommend it) removes urine and the ‘surviving bits’ from the previous phase. For far too obvious reasons, we really advise having a rinse cycle first. Don’t worry as the colors will not run so all your nappies can be washed together.

Note: Nappies generally need one pre-wash cycle.

3. Main Event

For the main wash, we still recommend using detergent in 40-60 °C water. Non-bio products are best for your baby’s young and sensitive skin. Less is perfect for babies as we advise using only ½ of your washing powder’s regular amount. Excessive detergent may cause a build-up in the nappies, affecting them in the long run. If the nappies are not smelling fresh or have that ammonia smell as you take them out, the detergent is not getting rinsed well enough and a second rinse is necessary. We know, using too much detergent is a habit too hard to break for some but (again) less can be perfect for your little bundles of joy.

4. Here comes the sun!

The sun does not only brighten up your day but it is also the best option in drying your babies’ nappies. Sunlight works wonders as it is also a natural bleaching agent. If Mr. Sun is not around, tumble drying with low heat can also do the job. Make sure to check that your nappies are completely dry before storing them away. Don’t forget to say “thank you, sun!” (or “thank you, tumble dryer”).


Additional instructions:

Please wash the reusable nappies separately from your other laundry for hygiene purposes.

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