Preparing for your Child’s Potty Training

Preparing for your Child’s Potty Training

Potty training can be a challenging experience for parents and toddlers alike. Toddlers are not just learning to use the loo, they are also breaking a long-term habit of theirs. If you think of it, babies are used to peeing and pooping anywhere and anytime. From when they are inside the womb to when they start wearing diapers, they have always been doing it whenever they feel like it. 

With Rudie’s training pants, we can make this process way easier for everyone.  Made from six layers of clothing and waterproof outer material, it can protect your child from any fluid accident. And while your little bud is still learning to use the loo, accidents happen a lot. 

But hey, we got you covered! Here are a few things you need to know for an easier potty training experience.

How to know if you’re child is ready

Here are a few indicators that your child is ready to be potty-trained:

  1. They are able to follow simple instructions like going to the bathroom, sitting, and taking off their clothes.
  2. They know when their diaper is wet. When they cry, fuss, or indicate using facial expressions or body language when their diapers are soiled, they are ready to begin the process.
  3. They are interested in wearing underpants.
  4. They stay dry at least two hours a day and stay dry after naps.

Finding the perfect size

To ensure that your child gets the maximum comfort and protection, finding the perfect fit helps a lot. Here’s a quick chart on how you can select the right size for your little bud.

Small: 3-10 kgs
Medium: 11-16 kgs
Large: 17-25 kgs

Inserts for extra protection

While inserts work best for our reusable nappies, you can use it on our training pants as well. There are no pockets like those on our nappies, but you can put it on the gusseted area of the training pants. 

Remember, it pays to be a little extra. 

Wash training nappies like a pro

Cleaning these training nappies wouldn’t be a new routine for you parents. As both of our reusable nappies and training pants are made from eco-friendly materials, washing them would be as simple as our four steps to a happy wash.

  1. Remove the solids (if there’s any)
  2. Do a pre-wash, or as we call it, the cold cycle. This will eliminate urine and surviving ‘bits’ on the training pants.
  3. Do the main wash. We recommend not going above 40°C as it may wear out the fabric. The use of non-bio products is best for your child’s skin as well.
  4. Let it dry outside! Sunlight works wonders as a natural bleaching agent. Plus, it’s free (and always will be).

For a full recap, you may review here on how to wash nappies like a pro.

Lastly, we offer some tips you can follow during your child’s potty training:

  • Have a schedule. The key is scheduling times during the day to ritualize using the loo for it to become a habit. You may have your child sit on the potty every two hours, whether they need to or not, or before bedtime and first thing in the morning.

  • Teach proper hygiene. Educating your child on these healthy habits early on will help them throughout their whole lifetime. Start them young.

  • Give praise and rewards. Accidents can happen a lot during potty training. When your child properly uses the loo, give some praise and rewards to reinforce the behavior. 
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