Getting Started with Reusable Diapers

Getting Started with Reusable Diapers

Are you getting tired of seeing piles of stinky diapers in the bin? Is your budget tight due to diaper buys? Is it difficult to find the right size that fits your little sunshine's bum?

Then maybe, it's the right time for you to switch to reusable nappies. Cloth-based diapers will save you money and will fit your bubs perfectly. Needless to say, they are cute, customizable, multipurpose, and eco-friendly. 

Let's talk about this one by one.

Reusable diapers are known for their longevity, since it's usable for multiple children, even in different ages. This will save your wallet in the long run.

Nappies are customizable to suit your child's everyday needs. You can add more layers of inserts at night or during travel to increase leakage proof. With its versatility, a playful toddler can't get it off.

Its usability doesn't stop there. Experienced parents say they also use nappies as swimming pants and fashion pieces. You can't deny, the pads are stylish!

Finally, you and your baby will be officially eco-warriors by helping in the reduction of landfill wastes.

So what’s there to wait? Give your baby a chance to be an eco-warrior while staying comfortable, fashionable, and happy.

If you have any more troubles getting started, we got you!

You can fire up your nappies' journey in three simple steps.

1. Find out the number of nappies you need.
This is highly dependent on your plan and routine in dealing with your cutie’s excrements. You have to first identify the number of days between washing sessions and the quantity per daily change.

Below are the recommended amounts for different uses:
Part-time use - 8 to 10 cloth nappies are enough for part-time use of 2-3 per day.
Full-time day use - 12 to 18 cloth nappies is enough for full-time day use of 4-6 per day.
Full-time day and night use - 24 to 28 cloth nappies are enough to use full time both day and night.

2. Customize your nappies by adding inserts and boosters.
Collecting inserts and boosters, and then trying out different combinations will refine your babies’ experience with nappies. These cloth pads are used to fill in the nappy cover. When delivered, the reusable diapers are complete with a waterproof outer layer, fast-drying inner layer, and two inserts.

Extra Inserts Will Save You During Rainy Days
Gathering backup inserts will come in handy in cases where the others are still in the laundry or needs more drying time.

Booster Inserts Will Be Your Friend In Times of Heavy Load
For long nights and distant drives, boosters will be your best companion. This is placed below inserts to add more layers and increase the absorption of the nappy pads.

3. Add eco-friendly accessories to make things easier.
Complete your cloth nappy family by adding our chic and snazzy eco-friendly accessories for a smoother affair with your bub’s nappies. Wet bags and change mats can be washed at the same time with the other members of the nappy family.

Wet Bags are Storage of Used Nappies
Wet bags are made with the same waterproof fabric as the nappies. They are smell-proof, reusable, and leak-resistant. They are useful in transporting and storing the used baby nappies.

Change Mats Will Prepare You Anytime and Anywhere
Our mats are waterproof, leakproof, and breathable that match your bub’s needs during changing times. It is easily foldable and fits any standard flat surface. It is useful for travel, picnic, and emergency redressing.

Nappy Liners are Heaven Sent
If you’re still unhappy dealing with your sunshine’s number two, then these nappy liners will save your melancholy heart. Mess-free bamboo liners fit perfectly in the nappies to collect the tough part for you. When cleaning, just peel it off and you’re done.

Now, you’re set on your new journey. Enjoy the process, and you’ll get the hang of it! Remember to create a routine and we promise you the best products for this new experience.

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